Sunday, June 21, 2009

Guild Alchemica

The Guild Alchemica was founded in fear...fear of discovery in a time when science and technology were ananthema. Created to protect the inventions and advancements made by it's members, the Guild seeks to better ourselves and our allies through science, and to visit swift and lasting destruction on those who would threaten our work.

The Guild is broken down into Forges, a semi-independent entity within the Guild structure, with it's own membership, military and territory in an allied Realm. The Adeptus serves as researchers and artisans while the Legios protect Guild holdings and members. Each Forge has it's own Legio, and in some cases several, and while all Guild Members are equal and united, it is not unheard of for disputes to arise, especially between the war-geared Legios.

All Guild Alchemica members must have a character background including an origin as an apothocary, alchemist, shaman, priest, golem, homunculus, construct, etc. (If science and invention are key aspects of your character we can probably make it work.) The Guild is dedicated to providing members with oppurtunites and help in crafts such as painting, sewing, foamsmithing, caligraphy, researching history and anything else you might want to pursue. (We will learn it together if we have to!)

Legio Ranks-

Secutor-Honorary member of a Legio

Hypaspist-new recruit, minimum garb and 1 weapon reguired

Sagitari-served the Legio as Hypaspist for 3 months, 1 set of garb and 2 weapons

Balisteria-served the Legio as Sagitari for 3 months, 2 sets of garb, 4 weapons

Cataphracti-served the Legio as Balisteria for 6 months, 2 sets of above minimum garb, 6 weapons, has been to 4 events or practices outside of home realm

Ordinatus-personal guard to the Fabricator General or Tribune, choosen by challenging a current Ordinatus, all Legio Members may challenge an Ordinatus but no Ordinatus may be challenged more than once (1) per month, only 2 members of the Legio may serve as Ordinatus at any one time

Tribune-in the event no Fabricator exist in a particular Legio, the highest ranked and most senior member will be given the honorific of Tribune until such a time as a Fabricator General is available or promoted and will be responsible for Battlefield Disposition

Fabricator-served the Legio as Cataphracti for 6 months, 2 sets of garb(1 vet, 1 above minimum), 1 piece of armour, 8 weapons

Fabricator General-Commanding Fabricator of the Legio, must have served as Tribune or Ordinatus for at least 3 months, responsible for Forge Security and Battlefield Disposition, serves until retirement, removed for Dereliction of Duty or removed through Trial by Combat with another Fabricator (Challenges can only be issued on Founding Day May 27th for the Southlands Forge)

Adeptus Ranks:
Scribe- new recruit, 1 set of minimum garb, must be willing to help out with varios task (getting water collecting waivers, directing parking, etc.) must have background including origin as a priest, apothocary, blacksmith, rabbi, alchemist etc
Artisan- Served the Adeptus with distincition as a Scribe for 3 months, 1 set of above minimum garb basic knowledge of foamsmithing and sewing
Engineer- served the Adeptus with distinction as an Artisan for 3 months, 2 sets of above minimum garb, has been to 1 practice or event outside of home Forge
Adept- has served teh Adeptus with distinction as an Engineer for 6 months, 2 sets of garb (1 vet, 1 above minimum) has been to 2 practices or events outside of home Forge, has shown improvement in foamsmithing, sewing or other craft
Librarian-in the event no Adeptus Seniorus exist in a particular Forge, the highest ranked and most senior Member of the Adeptus will be given the Title of Librarain until such a time as an Adeptus Seniorus becomes available or promoted and will be responsible for the Archives
Adeptus Seniorus- Commanding Adept, chosen by the Adepts on Founding Day, responsible for the Archives
Council Majorus-comprised of all Forge Members, called together to take a majority vote on issues of Codex Changes, Legio Foundings and Dereliction of Duty anyone may bring forth such an issue, all present vote, whomever called the Council serves as Moderati (moderator, keeps debate on topic, counts votes)
Council Minorus-comprised of appropriate Forge members, called to decide issues when a Fabricator General or Adeptus Seniorus are unavailable (see Codex for specific instances)

Adeptus ranks, Codex (rules and regs) and specifics on the Southlands Forge to follow in subsequent Archives

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