Sunday, March 6, 2011

Battle for Texas

Battle for Texas.... I have one word... AWESOME!!!!!!

Weapons Check
The first thing I loved about The Battle for Texas was just the amount of people who showed up. When we arrived there about 20 people. After a while a few more trickled in then a few more then before I realized it, there were 60+ fighters on the field.

Ditching at the beginning of day with about 15 who were there was great fun but was ultimately only warm up for what was to come in the big field battles, tournaments not to mention the actual gate battle for Texas.

Don't worry, Burgos is already dead at this point, now it's a struggle to stand back up!

In the single blue tournament I was bowled over and forced to grapple a mountain of a man named Burgos. After some struggle, a headstand, and a little luck, I came out on top. The hard fought battle paid off in taking 2nd place overall and taking home my prize which was an awesome plastidipped shield made by Izec of the Bronze Hammer.

Before and after painting done by Heather Shupp (Grim Sister)
It was great to see so many Texas fighters all on one field fighting with and along side one another even before pleasantries had been exchanged. Overall it was an incredible experience that I hope will become a much more frequent occurrence.


Iron Union (minus Gorbag)

Sliph - Newest member of The Southlands

Islaked Inedakey (Did I spell that right? O_o) showing off his bad-ass shield!

Krix and Casimir